I would be disappointed if any soldier harass peaceful protesters tomorrow in the name of operation crocodile smile. They have to understand that, this protest by the youths is for their betterment and that of their children born or unborn.

We have heard where some of our gallant officers were given expired grenades to combat terrorists, this is suicidal. This is part of what the youths are protesting against. We are simply saying the system should make things right for all, both the children of the poor and rich should enjoy and be proud that they are from Nigeria.

My dear friends in the army kindly understand this please. We all can’t be in the military, you are there and we are here, protect us there while we speak for your welfare and good of your children here, noting that you can’t protest against the Government as a soldier unless you are embarking on coup or mutiny, which I will not even advise you do.

Protesters celebrating a passionate and friend police officer

NB these protesters are not against you in totality but against the ‘BAD BOYS’ in the system that has made life miserable for them including you. Nigeria have everything it takes to be GREAT but corrupt, selfish, wolf in sheep’s clothing leaders, has destroyed this nation and not even remorseful to #reconstruct it. They concerns about the well-being of their children and not you and I.

Dear gallant soldiers, Nigerian youth loves you and are proud of you, allow us #reconstructNigeriaNow so your children will enjoy tommorow. You left your home, your wife and children to far away State to defend the country, neither yourself nor the family you left behind is doing well, yet the Government is not perturb. When last were you paid your allowances??? ALLOW US FIX THESE BAD BOYS WHERE THEY BELONG.

We are your friends, tommorow we will jam on the street, be sincere to yourself and us and allow us dine and wine together tomorrow without rancor. You may have seen photos of protesters dining and wining with some good police officers during protests, this is how we will treat you if you don’t come for us. Please join us to #endpolicebrutalityinnigeria to #EndBadGovernance to #ReformNigeria.

Let’s smile crocodilistically in sincerity tommorow.

God bless Nigerian Youth ✊✊



✊ ADOGA, Michael Oyi

Adoga Michael Oyi

Adoga Michael Oyi

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