The former chairman of National Youth Council Of Nigeria, NYCN, who also is the spoke person of the Coalition of United Political party, CUPP, Barr. Ikenga Imo Ugochimere has blasted the Youth council he once served for being insensitive to the plights of the Nigerian Youths.

Barr. Ikenga questioned the whereabout and position of the council on the ongoing #EndSARS agitation by the Nigerian youths. He further asked if the youths protesting on the street are not the same youths the council is meant to serve and protect.

See full statement below…

“Ikenga’s message to members of youth Council

I have been away from commenting on youth matters for years now because I voluntarily resigned from Youth Council and currently pursuing other people oriented projects but I want to ask you brothers and sisters…Where is the Youth Council in the ongoing agitation by young men and women? I told you over the years that with the peanut politics some of you are playing at pepper soup joints that in few years to come Youth Council will be worth nothing and mean nothing apart from feeding bottle name for a few individuals.

Now look at how young Nigerians have charted a new path and platform to lead the nation. Are the youths advocating #EndSars not the youth that you Council leadership were supposed to be leading? Why not go out to join them or calm them down?

They do not know that you people exist because you people chose to play cowardly politics and supposed stupid things young men are supposed not to be associated with. The Council is a young version of the fraudulent Nigerian leaders with SARS behavioural pattern that needs to be ended.

I once quarreled with you people about the issues of affiliate organisation, that it was outdated and majority non existing and briefcase organisations people use to get delegate list that the majority of true youth organisations of this age are not with Youth Council and you cannot control people who do not even know you exist and also have more organised, responsible and independent financial system but I was attacked by these few hungry guys who have led you guys from a joint.

Now I ask few honest people among you to stand up now and redirect the faith of the sleeping Council and join the struggle…sack now legally or illegally any group that cannot identify with people oriented struggles and inshort anybody that his credentials is that he is loyal to some low level government people. Take back the Council movement and align it with modern demands of young people when it is still time or else the Council will just remain in the comatose state it is now”.

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere



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