In School to Land, Knowledge is a Key Success Factor, Skill is Critical and Innovation is Inevitable

Economic growth anywhere in the world is driven by
knowledge, most importantly current information which serves as a bridge
between theoretical learning and practical skill that is required in the labour
market to solve real-life problems. If we keep producing graduates that
lack practical knowledge, we will be left with a society that is characterized
by barrels of empty young people that become nuisance to the responsible members of the society.

In light of the foregoing, School to land’s tenet is rooted on the acquisition of
practical skills that can be deployed to solving real-life agricultural and business-related problems.

In addition, we realize that the word is full of beautiful ideas, over 90% of which end up in the grave for lack of practical application. Innovation equals creativity (the ability to generate ideas) plus risk action. Our philosophy is also rooted in
the fact that success in business will be realized when creative ideas are
accompanied by calculated risk actions, which are expected to creatively
destroy the vicious circle of poverty that bedevil young people.

Our students, who have also been earning income are learning seriously from the rice farm at the Ayade Industrial Park, Calabar, where Cala 55 is being cultivated.

We are grateful to His Excellency, Sen Professor Ben Ayade for availing us this rare opportunity.

Office of the DG, Cross River School to Land Programme.



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